Chris Dunn receives NAPCA Hall of Fame Award

Chris Dunn, Chief Engineer at CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. of Tulsa, has received the 2007 National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators Hall of Fame Award.

The award was presented to Dunn at the NAPCA annual convention held last month in Palm Springs, California.

Dunn has been employed by CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. since 1970. He has helped design and manufacture numerous pipe coating plants located around the world. He has been responsible for supervising the installation of equipment on various job sites
across the United States as well as in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Xi’an, China; Dong Ying, China; Chelyabinsk, Russia and St. Petersburg, Russia.

In addition to pipe coating machines, Dunn has also helped design many types of special equipment including bending machines, bending mandrels, internal pneumatic line-up clamps, pipe double-jointing systems and pipe facing systems.

In his 37 years in the industry, Dunn has contributed to its advancement not only in equipment design and manufacture but also by supporting and attending thirty NAPCA conventions, numerous workshops and providing service and guidance on a variety of professional panels.

The NAPCA Hall of Fame Award is voted upon by members of the Board of Trustees, Associate Member Chairman, Managing Director and all living recipients of the award. The award is not an annual award and since 1965, there have been only 29 Hall of Fame Award recipients.

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