Chris Trail Announces City Council Run

Chris Trail, a lifelong Tulsa resident and operates Ike’s Chili, announces his candidacy for Tulsa City Council District 5.
“It is an honor to run for City Council,” Trail said. “Every day I have the opportunity to serve Tulsans. My family operates a successful business, Ike’s Chili, the oldest existing restaurant in Oklahoma. I am excited to serve them in a different capacity, as their next city councilman.
“Each day I visit with ordinary Tulsans from all walks of life. They share their joys and struggles with me, and they express their opinions on different issues facing our city. I look forward to taking their viewpoints to the City Council.”
“I will always put people first, because I want to win battles for us.”
Trail and his wife, Sara, have three children, Gunnar, Hayden and Ella Grace. He understands how important it is that we take pride in our community and ensure our future generations have a beautiful, safe and prosperous place to call home, right here in Tulsa.
“With the passing of the new budget, I am very concerned about the future of Tulsa. We must ensure we adequately fund our police and fire departments, maintain our roads and bridges, and ensure a high quality of life for all who call Tulsa home, while maintaining a balanced budget.
“The economic downturn seen throughout our nation will affect us, if we allow it. It is important we practice common sense and fiscal responsibility in today’s tumultuous economic times.”
A fourth generation small businessman, Trail knows the importance of a smart budget that meets the needs of his restaurant and his employees and how to operate a business in such a way that it can withstand numerous economic trials. Trail will utilize this small business experience serving on the City Council.

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