Citgo Deadlines

The Citgo Petroleum Corp. employees left behind when the Venezuela-owned energy company moved to Houston three years ago now face looming deadlines themselves.
The nearly 300 workers at Warren Place, 61st Street and Yale Avenue must now decide between relocating to Houston and exiting the company.
Letters outlining the relocation were sent last September, said Fernando Garay, Citgo spokesman.
“The plans for relocation are this summer, between May and August,” Garay said. The move comes three years after the gasoline retailer and refiner shipped 700 jobs to Houston.
The letter outlined three dates, June 16, July 1 and Aug. 1, that employees have to decide whether to remain in Tulsa or head south.
After Aug. 1, only about 70 Citgo employees, the Tax Department, will remain in the Tulsa office, Garay said. The company plans to file its taxes in Oklahoma to take advantage of Oklahoma’s favorable business tax laws, according to sources within the company.
At one time the company employed 950 in Tulsa. Citgo markets gasoline through 13,400 service stations across the nation, mostly east of the Rocky Mountains.

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