Citgo Responds to Billboard

A rural southern Alabama outdoor billboard injected an anti-Hugo Chavez message, pointedly urging motorists to boycott gas from Citgo Petroleum Corp.
The company, which moved from Tulsa four years ago, is the oil company with ties to Chavez’s Venezuela.
The sign’s message: “Don’t buy gas from this ass!” has drawn a mixed reaction in a conservative section of Alabama and a protest from the oil firm.
Billboard owner, 50-year-old John McCombs of Gulf Shores, said he did not mean to offend anyone “too bad.”
McCombs objected to Chavez calling President George Bush “the devil” and the outspoken hatred of America by Chavez.
Citgo said in a statement that a boycott hurts the 4,000 employees who live and work in the U.S.
The statement also said, “our company is part of an American community of 75,000 people who work hard everyday to help their neighbors get where they want to go. Citgo people reflect the values of hardworking Americans everywhere.”

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