City Maintenance Funds Redirected

That $1.5 million won’t be spent for elevator repair at Tulsa’s City Hall next year. Neither will major repairs be made on that facility and four other buildings.
Rather, the $6.2 million designated as maintenance monies will go towards getting One Technology Center as Tulsa’s new city hall ready for occupancy in March or April 2008.
The designated funds come from tax monies specifically earmarked in the city budget for maintenance purposes, according to Mike Kier, director of finance for the city. Public hearings are set at 6 p.m. Nov. 8 and Nov. 15 as part of the Tulsa council meeting at the Plaza Level of City Hall. The council will make a formal vote on the transfer following those hearings.
Monies come from the third penny sales tax.
A press conference announcing the changes was held as part of the requirement for changing designated use of the funds, Kier explained. In addition to city hall, other buildings affected by the transfer of the maintenance money are the Francis F. Campbell facility where council meetings are held; Fire Station Number One at East 4th St. and Frankfort; Civic Center offices at East 7th St. and South Houston, and the Hartford Building, 111 South Greenwood.
When vacated, some of the buildings will be designated for other uses while others will be sold, he said.
Kier emphasized that no money will be taken from other public projects, especially road work.
These monies are part of the $76 million involving the city hall relocation and operations consolidation, he said.

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