Commercial, Residential Building Permits up in 2008

The number of building permits issued by the City of Tulsa rose in fiscal year 2008, and represented an increase of more than 5,500 from the previous year.
During the 2008, a total of 38,415 building permits were issued; of these, 1,819 were commercial, while 1,835 were classified as residential. This is up from the 1,582 commercial and 1,539 residential permits issued in fiscal year 2007.
Residential building permits doubled in June 2008 compared to June of the previous year as 262 residential permits were issued, up from 130 in June 2007. There were 180 commercial building permits issued in June 2008, representing an increase from the previous June, when 155 commercial building permits were issued.
Total building permits, including those in other categories also increased from June 2007 to June 2008. In June 2008, a total of 3,039 building permits were issued, with 2,597 from categories other than commercial or residential. In June 2007, a total of 2,915 building permits were issued, with 2,630 from categories other than commercial or residential.
Permits issued in the “other” categories include annual industrial, demolition, easement, electrical, elevator, fire alarm, fire suppression, mechanical, mobile home, moving, paving cut, plumbing,, privately financed public improvement, right-of-way construction, sanitary sewer improvement, sewer, sidewalk, driveway, sign, temporary use of mobile home, use of street, water main extension, water service, watershed, and zoning clearance.
The City of Tulsa issued 34,761 of these building permits in 2008, while the 2007 fiscal year saw 29,763 issued.

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