Commission Has New Look

Tulsa’s county government took on a new look Wednesday when John Smaligo, District One, and Fred Perry, District Three, were sworn in as county commissioners.
Randi Miller, District Two, was elected as chair and Perry vice chair.
The seating of Smaligo and Perry marked the first time in the history of the county that Republicans occupied the three chairs.
County Assessor Ken Yazel took the oath of office to mark the beginning of a second term.
District Judge Tom Thornbrugh administered the oaths for the office holders.
Perry pledged to work as hard for the county as he did as a representative in the Oklahoma legislature.
‘‘I have been warmly welcomed to this position by Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor and already have met with her,’’ he said. ‘‘I want to be a good county commissioner and make Tulsa County a great place to work and raise a family.
‘‘Good government is not partisan politics,’’ Perry said. ‘‘The first item on my agenda is to call city councilors and schedule one-on-one meetings with them in their districts.’’
Smaligo, after being sworn in, borrowed one of Perry’s lines from legislative days.
‘‘I did not know I was going to speak after the swearing in,’’ he said, ‘‘so I don’t know what I am going to say.’’
Yazel acknowledged that he is outspoken for the people as a county official, but it was his job to work for citizens.
Turning to the newly sworn in officials, Yazel said ‘‘let’s get to work, commissioners.’’
Miller, after being elected as chair, said the commission has a lot of work to do and she has a vision for Tulsa County that has ‘‘never been seen before.’’
As if they were following Yazel’s admonition, the commissioners stepped into the agenda, quickly disposing of items in 11 categories, varying from bid openings to personnel actions.
Following the meeting, there was a reception for the new commissioners, families and friends.

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