Communications Connection Offers Cash

If each Tulsa resident had two old cell phones stashed in a junk drawer, the city could be sitting on $16 million worth of free products and accessories at Communications Connection.
Communications Connection is offering Tulsa customers a chance to recycle any cell phone for same-as-cash in-store credit at their seven stores in the Tulsa area.
“Every day there are thousands of opportunities to recycle cell phones and accessories. Many cell phone retailers and manufacturers have ongoing collection programs where phones can be dropped off or mailed in. However, Communications Connection is the only company offering customers in-store credit in exchange for any cell phone from any carrier,” said Angela Nassif, Marketing Manager for Communications Connection.
Communications Connection, an AT&T retailer, offers a selection of handsets from high-end data devices to pre-paid phones. Each store sells more than 17 name-brand devices and over 70 different accessories, including cases, chargers, holsters, memory cards, plus Bluetooth products and more.
“As long as the old cell phone is in one piece, customers will get a guaranteed minimum of $5 of in-store credit and up to $100 of credit depending on the type of model,” Nassif said. “The program averages $20 of credit per trade in,” she said.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 130 million cell phones are replaced each year, but only about 10 percent of those are recycled. Cell phones contain a number of hazardous chemicals, including bromine, chlorine, beryllium, zinc, lead and arsenic. It is estimated that 500 million old cell phones are sitting in junk drawers and closets across America.

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