Company to Sell Pieces of Planes…

We hear Kent Faith, owner of Roadhouse Aviation, a fixed base operator at Tulsa’s Jones/Riverside Airport, will begin offering fractional sales of personal aircraft.
Faith has launched Private Air Shares LLC and is looking to play host to 25 people during a wine and cheese party at Roadhouse Aug. 16.
Faith expects to have a Citation and King Air available for viewing. Originally, Faith expected to launch the company with two aircraft then add three more after the first of the year.
“But, we have had such a huge response to this — we may put all five planes out immediately,” he said.
Fractional aircraft ownership companies are growing across the U.S., serving a growing number of businesses seeking the advantages of business aircraft. There is another fractional company at Jones-Riverside, Executive Airshare.
“We think future growth is in the fractional business and not the charter,” Faith said.

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