ConocoPhillips Teams With KU on Nanotechnology

ConocoPhillips contributes $1.2 million for a three-year nanotechnology research program at the University of Kansas. The program focuses on oilfield stimulation to enhance recovery to help meet the growing energy demand.
ConocoPhillips will contribute $400,000 a year during the three-year program.
Nanotechnology is engineering on the scale of atoms and molecules. It is commonly used in a number of industries and its application in the oil and gas industry represents a major prospect for substantial and sustained benefits.
“KU’s extensive experience in enhanced oil recovery and nanotechnology provides an ideal foundation for our collaborative research focused on developing promising new oilfield applications,” said Stephen Brand, ConocoPhillips senior vice president, Technology. “ConocoPhillips is pleased to be working with KU to discover some of the next generation of solutions to the world’s energy challenges.”
KU is viewed as an innovative leader in nanotechnology research. The university has examined and developed enhanced oil recovery techniques for 34 years. While EOR techniques that use injected fluids to stimulate hydrocarbon recovery have been employed for decades, inclusion of nanoparticles may lead to more efficient and environmentally sensitive technologies.
“KU has a terrific team of researchers working with ConocoPhillips,” said Steve Warren, vice provost for research and graduate studies, University of Kansas. “Energy research in all its forms is a major area of strength for KU. We’re pleased to be working with ConocoPhillips to foster innovation, support additional research, and increase the productivity of an important sector of the economy.”
KU researchers will use nanotechnology to generate polymer type products and will conduct initial screening and testing. ConocoPhillips will provide additional evaluation and field testing to determine the products’ practical application.

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