Construction Boom Continues in Glenpool

Growth in Glenpool is now at a rapid pace. The construction at Southwest Crossroads is at full swing with American Heritage Bank leading the construction. Change on the bank construction site is visible daily.

Signs are up designating where new restaurants are in first phase of construction. A drive through the streets at Southwest Crossroads during the daytime will clue you in on the rapid changes.

The new shining, glass ( Dallas style) Glenpool City Hall with conference center, flanked by two new hotels complete with water feature landscaping will be the center of commerce in South Tulsa County.

At the Monday night city council meeting the council agreed to pay $94,500 for the services civil engineers of Breisch and Associates of Sand Springs to develop the various surveys, platting and site improvement documents necessary to construct future commercial building construction on U.S. Hwy 75.

The engineers site plans will include a 14.6 acre parcel known as the ” Hardesty property.” As of press time the Hardesty property had not been purchased by the city but according to City Manager Ed Tinker the city is still in negotiation with the owners.

Glenpool owns property along and adjacent to the Easterly right of way of U.S Hwy. 75 approximately a fourth of a mile South of 151st. St. The 38 acres has E. 156th St. as the South boundary giving the property direct access to traffic from U.S Hwy 75.

In a memo from Community Development Director Lynn Burrow the city owned property was purchased earlier this year with the intent of development and subdividing the site for commercial real estate sales or to resale the property as a whole to a major commercial developer. The main goal of the city in the endeavor is to promote development to generate additional retail sales tax revenue for Glenpool coffers.

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