Cost of Inspection Going up in Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow residential and commercial inspection fees are bargains for builders, but the city is dialing up its take to a level in line with surrounding cities.
“Our Staff researched a number of other cities’ building code ordinances and fee schedules,” said Broken Arrow Director of Development Services Michael Skates.
“We looked at the average for Jenks, Tulsa, Owasso and Bixby and found that Broken Arrow was lower than the average for both building permit and mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspections.”
Skates recommended increasing fees to the average of those metro areas — about $1,700. Among cities outside the metro area, Norman has the highest adjusted fees at $6,500.
Broken Arrow’s combined fees currently ring in at $1,406, based on a 3,000-SF residence.
“By converting to a fee structure table based on square footage categories and the fee including the basic inspections, we will be able to perform inspections more efficiently by saving time at the site and creating a consistent inspection fee across the city,” said Skates.

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