Country Homes

Upscale living isn’t just for midtowners. Lavish digs are scattered across the Tulsa Metropolitan Statistical Area, according to an informal survey of the region’s pricey homes.
The Tulsa Business Journal used assessed values provided by the county assessors to cite the most valued homes. The top five totaled more than $20.3 million, according to statistics compiled by the TBJ.
Of the four counties surrounding Tulsa County the TBJ examined, the most-expensive homes approached $1.5 million in assessed value, according to the statistics provided to the assessor’s offices in those counties.
More often than not, the upscale homes were built on acreages rather than in a community, according to several sources.
In Wagoner County, for example, families are required to move increasingly further east to find enough land for their homes, said one official.
The counties around Tulsa are seeing a surge in residential growth, she said.
“They cannot find enough land to build their houses on, so they keep looking this way,” she said, referring to Wagoner.

*A complete list of the most expensive homes in the Tulsa MSA can be found in the print edition of the Tulsa Business Journal.

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