Cox Cable Introduces New GM

Last month Percy Kirk was named senior vice president and general manager of Cox Oklahoma.
Kirk, who said he would make employee development a top priority, will be responsible for leading the Oklahoma operations.
Kirk first entered the company in 2000 when Cox purchased his employer.
“We learned that Cox’s approach the business is to take care of employees,” he said. “By taking care of our customers we become engaged in the communities we earn our living from and serve.”
A nine-year veteran of Cox, Kirk most recently served as the senior vice president and GM of Cox Omaha where he managed the strategic operations for the company in the Omaha metropolitan area, and the Sun Valley Idaho area since 2006. In addition, he also served as vice president of Operations for the Cox Kansas system. Prior to joining Cox, Kirk held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility with Multimedia Cablevision.
Kirk paused to answer questions from TBJ about Cox operations.
Cox has increased the capacity of its network statewide, Kirk said.
“We anticipate more services that will converge the video, voice and data platforms to provide more functionality and a better experience for our business and residential customers,” he said. “You will also see significantly more interactive applications.”
Many companies are taking advantage of existing fiber optics systems to create products and service offerings. Fiber to the home and fiber to the business are becoming realities.
Over the last ten years, Cox has invested more than $1.2 billion in its network in order to bring cutting edge technology, Kirk said.
“We currently provide fiber connectivity to many of the businesses on our network. We want to ensure that customers have the bandwidth they need for the applications and services that make sense for them so if fiber to the home makes sense, this is what we’ll do,” he said.
Cox provides the technology to meet these needs and is dedicated to having the best network possible, he said.
“We have demonstrated this in the past by deploying more fiber in the network and significantly increasing capacity,” he said.
Kirk continues to be impressed with the talent of people in the organization and the commitment they demonstrate.
Expect cable services to increase as rates do, he said.
“Like all consumer products, video programming costs have continued to increase over time,” he said. “What is unique though is that cable programming is continually enhanced. In the last few years, customers have seen the launch of products like On DEMAND, My PrimeTime, Caller ID on TV, a whole host of HD channels and even more.”
Unlike a loaf of bread or a gallon of gasoline, as video costs increase so do the services and features that are available, he said.
“Programming costs are significant to any video provider, but we can expect continued improvement in the quality and quantify of the programming provided,” he said.
In the future, Cox Cable Oklahoma will continue to invest in the communities it serves.
“As a result, we anticipate continued growth in terms of people and services in the market,” Kirk said. “This pertains to infrastructure enhancements and also in terms of the philanthropic investments we have made in our communities. Cox will continue to bring our customers increased internet speeds, more HD channels and On DEMAND programming options as well as other features our customers want.”
Kirk is an active member of the Omaha community, where he serves on the boards of Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Urban League of Nebraska, Omaha Sports Commission and Mid-America Council of Boy Scouts of America.
Kirk earned a bachelor’s degree from Wichita State University and a master’s degree from Friends University in Wichita.

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