DA Warns Meth Manufactures

The recent increase in home-based labs for production of methamphetamine and resulting fires in apartments and neighborhoods puts into perspective the public safety risks this illegal drug carries with it, said Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris.
“I want to assure citizens, and let meth cooks know, that it is and has been the policy of this office to seek prison time for offenders charged with manufacturing meth, even on a first offense. The dangers to neighbors, firefighters, police and too often the children of the cooks, have far-reaching effects on our community. The actions of these cooks have consequences so great that we must use all our resources to protect the public and insure that they are not free to endanger others in their pursuit of drugs and money.
Prison sentences for manufacturing methamphetamine in Tulsa District Court in the past year averaged 11 years, Harris said.
Cooking meth — with all the dangers of explosion and toxic waste left behind in the process cannot be considered a victim-less crime, Harris said. “Meth cooks will be considered a danger to society.”

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