DHS Reports Possible Data Breach

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services notifies clients that receive some OKDHS programs and services that their names and personal information may have been contained on an OKDHS password protected laptop computer that was stolen from an OKDHS employee.
The theft occurred April 3 in Oklahoma City and was reported that day to law enforcement and OKDHS officials. The laptop computer was stolen from an employee’s vehicle. OKDHS officials believe the theft is an isolated incident targeting the street value of the laptop.
“We are continuing to work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies who continue to conduct a thorough investigation,” Hendrick said.
OKDHS has not received information that any client’s data has been compromised.
A letter sent to the affected clients said the risk of someone accessing or misusing the data is low, but clients can take steps to minimize the risk of identity theft.
The computer file included names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and home addresses of clients who receive Medicaid, Child Care assistance, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The data did not contain driver’s license numbers, credit card or banking information. The possible breach did not affect Child Welfare services.
“The risk of the data being accessed is low because the computer uses a password protected system,” said OKDHS Director Howard H. Hendrick. “Nevertheless, we have contacted our clients to inform them there is a possibility their personal information may be viewed.”
The agency began sending client notification letters this week to all households who are involved in the affected OKDHS programs. The letter outlined how OKDHS clients may contact credit reporting agencies and could take steps to protect their personal information.
OKDHS clients with questions about possible identity theft and fraud may visit: http://www.okdhs.org/, or they may call the toll free call center at 1-866-287-0371. The call center will be staffed from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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