Dallas Cowboys Stadium Stars on Science Channel

Be the first to preview the NFL’s largest venue – the Dallas Cowboys Stadium – on the Science Channel’s “Build it Bigger” on Monday, April 20 at 9 p.m. (CST).
Designed by HKS Sports & Entertainment Group, structurally engineered by Walter P Moore and built by Tulsa-based Manhattan Construction Co., the stadium will open to the public on June 6.
In the first episode of this season of “Build It Bigger,” Danny Forster – host and professional architect – visits the site of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Featuring interviews with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, HKS principal Mark Williams and professionals from the Manhattan Construction Co. building team, viewers are immersed in what is quickly being lauded as the biggest, boldest, most groundbreaking stadium in America.
At 3 million SF, the stadium is setting a precedent in architectural design and construction and features 80,000 seats, the largest and longest retractable roof ever constructed, the largest operable glass door in the world and two 180-foot-long HD video screens.
“Build it Bigger” puts viewers at the center of massive engineering projects from the manufacturing and fabrication of building materials to the multifaceted, meticulous process of putting the materials together in one complete structure.
Along the way, Forster breaks down the unique architectural challenges of each construction site by introducing viewers to the construction professionals responsible for making it all come together trying his hand at some of their jobs. The latest computer graphics round out his explanations to help viewers gain a greater understanding of the scope and scale of each undertaking.
“Build it Bigger” is produced for Science Channel by Powderhouse Productions. Joel Olicker is the executive producer for Powderhouse. Christo Doyle is the executive producer for Science Channel.

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