Data Hung Out to Dry as USBs Left in Dry Cleaners

Data leakage and data loss, at an all time high, could be blamed on the ever-popular USB or memory stick which most people now use to download and transport large amounts of sensitive data.
So it’s no surprise to find in a survey released today by Texas-based data security experts Credant Technologies that in the last year, 9000 USB sticks have been forgotten in people’s pockets as they take their clothes to be washed at the local dry cleaners.
The survey was carried out in the UK, to gauge the frequency and ease with which mobile devices such as USB and memory sticks are lost or forgotten in strange places such as dry cleaners and also as a warning to people across the globe to be vigilant when downloading information to carry around with them as it does frequently get lost. A similar survey was conducted by Credant Technologies last September amongst taxi drivers in London and New York, which showed that over 12,500 handheld devices such as laptops, iPods and memory sticks are forgotten at the back of taxis every 6 months!
A warning message to the business community and individuals to be vigilant when travelling with their mobile devices has never been more relevant, especially as many of these devices now have the capacity to store as much as 10,000 Word documents, 11,000 pictures, 500,000 contact details or an amazing 1.1 million emails, making them an obvious target for identity theft criminals and hackers who can steal this information and assume the identity of the user both in their personal or business life.

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