DeMoss Ready for Challenge as TCBA President

Renee DeMoss knows she has a full time job ahead as she starts her term as president of the Tulsa County Bar Association.

That will be in addition to maintaining her law practice at Gable & Gotwals.

But she also feels as though she has been trained for the position, having served on probably every committee in the organization.

DeMoss officially will start her term Sept. 1, taking over from Patrick O’Connor. The transition was made during the annual meeting Aug. 24.

‘‘I am looking forward to my role as president,’’ she said. Some association programs are active and expanding. Others are not as active and some community programs are stagnant and need to be revitalized.

DeMoss credits Allen Smallwood, Gary Clark and John Gaberino for getting her involved in the Tulsa County Bar activities. It was work on the Law Week Committee that helped move her into the leadership ladder.

It was while she was law week chair that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer was the keynote speaker.

Looking to the challenges ahead, DeMoss said the opportunity will be to build on what the association is doing and has been doing for so well for so long.

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