Decorating Sets the Tone, Adds Spirit to the Season

This season, interior designers and decorators recommend infusing the home with “pop and sparkle.”
“While glass ornaments, twinkling lights and green garland may be your ritual, consider adding some new approaches this year,” said Gina Miller, co-owner of GHD Interiors, 211 W. Main St. in Jenks.
Most Tulsans prefer to leave their autumn decor in place for Thanksgiving then begin decorating for Christmas or Hanukkah, said Gaylyn Murray Wattman of Mary Murray’s Flowers, 3333 E. 31st St.
Start by purging outdated, broken or lackluster decorations but keep what is treasured, usable and timeless, Miller said.
Next, choose a color scheme for your home or tree, the designers said. Use of sparkle gives Christmas a lot of pop, Wattman said.
“Top dress” last year’s decor by adding one new thing, in profusion, Wattman said. For example, buy a quantity of one style or color of ornament and add it to all decorations, including the tree, wreaths and garlands.
“It gives everything a coordinated and updated feel,” Wattman said.

Tie One (Bow) On
Bows on decorations are usually the first items to show their age, Wattman said.
“Quality ribbons can be removed, taken apart, pressed and reassembled,” she said. “This will help you recapture the original beauty of a beloved wreath or swag. On the other hand, if you long for a new look, replacing bows with new ribbon can revitalize leftover decorations.”
When placing a wreath on the front door, consider how it will be viewed, Wattman said.
“Use big blocks of color to catch your eye from a distance,” Wattman said. “If it’s hanging in a recessed doorway, go bold with your decorations. A busy plaid ribbon with a few berries will blend into the greenery if viewed from a distance. On the other hand, if your wreath is seen close up, it will need more detailed interest than a single big red bow and some gold balls.”

Bold Color
For nontraditionalists, GHD design associate Phara Thomas suggested purchasing a colored Christmas tree, like lime green, white, purple or black.
“Buck tradition and use colors you love,” Thomas said. “Or use all the jewel tones, not just green and red. The richness of color will blend seamlessly.”
People are using more material and nontraditional colors during Christmas, Wattman said.
“You want to use colors that compliment your home,” Wattman said. “Copper and green are friendly with a lot of home interiors.”
Consider complementing the colors already in the home with the holiday decorations.
“If red doesn’t look good in your home, don’t fight it,” Wattman said. “Try burgundy or copper paired with a trendy shade of green instead. It will still be just as festive but with a more current twist.”
Lighting is essential, the designers said. Candlelight enhances the look of decorations and can offer a welcomed holiday fragrance at the same time. With low lighting, stay away from dark shades, Wattman cautioned. Instead, select brighter hues.
“If you have strong light, jewel tones will look really rich for the holidays,” she said.

New Image
Give vintage decorations a new image with a fresh finish, Wattman said. For example, “tired” snowflakes or other lack-luster ornaments may need spritzing with gold or silver spray paint.
Instead of using color as a guide, embrace a theme, Miller said. For example, a vintage theme would include tinsel, bubble lights, popcorn strands and candy canes. Other theme ideas include snowflakes, Santa Claus, angels or snowmen.
Tracy Huntington, another GHD Design associate, uses natural elements as a theme in her decor.
“I decorate my tree with twigs, feathers, berries and pinecones,” she said. “This is a simple yet elegant way to ‘bring the outdoors in.’”

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