Delta Merger Reflected at Tulsa International Airport

This week Northwest check-in positions at Tulsa International Airport are being consolidated with Delta’s.
Delta and Northwest merged in October, forming the world’s largest airline. The merger allows opportunities for customers to easily connect to more places worldwide.
As the two airlines come together, Delta is working to make it a seamless transition for customers.
Signage and airport staff will continue to provide customers with clear direction and assistance as any change is made. Delta and Northwest’s kiosks at Tulsa International will now be one and the same, and all customers flying Delta and Northwest should check in with Delta, said Ellie Shavin, spokeswoman for Delta Air Lines.
The rebranding process is just one step toward Delta and Northwest’s consolidation, which will be official when the airlines achieve a single operating certificate. Rebranding at airports nationwide will continue throughout this year. We expect the process to be complete at all domestic airports by the end of 2009 and at airports worldwide in 2010, Shavin said.

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