Delta Oil and Gas Makes Oklahoma Discovery

Delta Oil and Gas Inc. reports that the first well of its 2009-3 Oklahoma Project drill program appears to be a significant discovery.
The Jackson-1-18 was drilled to 5,493 feet. The company did not disclose the well location.
Well logs and a drill stem test indicate the strong likelihood of another producing well but the company did not disclose daily production rates. Logs also indicate that the well has as many as nine separate potential pay zones in three separate geological formations.
The Jackson-1-18 discovery is part of a four well program. It is in the same geographic area as a successful well drilled a the 2008-3 program. Although Delta did not participate in that drilling program, that well was completed in mid-May and commenced flowing oil and gas at rates between 380 and 400 barrels of oil and 60 mcf of natural gas per day. After six months, the well from the 2008-3 program is still flowing at these same production rates with no decrease in flowing pressures. As of November 1, 2009, the well had already produced over 65,000 barrels of oil and 7,400 mcf of gas.
A work over rig will be mobilized to complete the Jackson-1-18 well and perform any required treatments prior to final testing. Further information regarding the 2009-3 drilling program will be disclosed as it becomes available.
The next of a total of four wells to be drilled as part of this drilling program is called the Brewer-1-20 and is to be drilled to a total depth of 6,400 feet. Drilling progress and results of this well will be disclosed as information becomes available.

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