Developers to Unveil Tulsa Landing Concept

Branson Landing developers at 3 p.m. Wednesday will announce the construction of a 22,000-seat baseball stadium on the Arkansas River as part of a $500-million mixed-use complex.
The construction will hinge on Tulsa County voters approving the sales tax on Oct. 9, said Rick Huffman, CEO of Branson, Mo.-based HCW Inc. Huffman will discuss the project and explain why he expects the Tulsa Landing concept will be a proven model in terms of job growth, sales taxes and property taxes.
“We have been working with the city and county,” he said. “Our company will invest private equity into the project to build a multi-use center.”
The baseball stadium will be large enough to house a AAA franchise, which requires seating capacity between 20,000 and 22,000, Huffman said.
The “Tulsa Landing” concept will also include lighting and fountains and a “major cultural attraction” or museum, Huffman said.
“Passage of the vote is necessary for land acquisition,” Huffman said Wednesday morning.
If the voters defeat the sales tax proposal, county officials would have to “decide whether to move forward,” he said.
“A lot depends on the vote,” Huffman said.
If the voters approve the 0.4-cent tax, the county would issue a request for proposals for construction along the west bank of the Arkansas River between 11th and 21st streets.
Ownership of the property would be decided at a later date, he said. “Once the tax has been approved, then the project goes to developers like us. We have not figured out land ownership yet.”

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