Devon to Build State’s Tallest Building in OKC

Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy Corp. has announced intentions to build a new headquarters in downtown OKC that will include a 54-story, 925-foot-tall building. The building, which will be completed in 2012 and will house 2,200 employees, will be the tallest building in Oklahoma and cost more than $750 million.
The company currently houses employees in five buildings around the city.
The project is seen as the largest private construction project ever undertaken in Oklahoma and will eventually contain 3,000 employees in 1.9 million SF.
Tulsa’s Bank of Oklahoma Tower is currently the states tallest building. Oklahoma City’s tallest standing building is the 36-story Chase Tower.
The project will be managed by Houston-based Hines Management Services and is being designed by Pickard Chilton.
The facility grounds will also include an urban park, fountains, pavilion and a reflective pool.

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