Dollar Thrifty Raises Minivan Pricing, Usage

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group adds excess 25-cent per mile charges at all corporate-owned locations in the U.S. on retail customer rentals of minivans.
The 25-cents-per-mile charge applies at a rate of and will only apply to those customers who drive in excess of the established mileage caps of 150 miles per day on daily rentals, and 1,050 miles on weekly rentals. Base rental rates on these vehicles will not be impacted by this change, and the charges are not applicable to locations in Hawaii.
“The vast majority of our customers drive our minivans below 150 miles a day, and without this pricing change we would be forced to raise our base rental rate on all minivans. This pricing change allows us to retain our value-priced base rental rate, while better aligning usage and cost as a whole on our minivan fleet,” said Scott L. Thompson, president and chief executive.

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