Downtown Buildings Cited for Lack of Upkeep

At least two downtown landlords learned their buildings were in violation of City of Tulsa ordinance this week when a “Demolition” courtesy letter was publicly displayed on their door.
The Vandever Building, 16 E. Fifth St., and the Sinclair Building, 6 E. Fifth St., were both served notice that their properties “could be in violation of the Tulsa Revised Ordinances related to being a dilapidated structure.”
The public notice stated that the buildings were under investigation due to their roles as havens for “gang activity,” as “distribution points for narcotics,” as a “shelter for transients,” or as an “attractive nuisance for juveniles committing illegal acts.” The letter also states that the buildings were in a condition that could “lead to the decline of a neighborhood into a slum and blighted area.”
The eight-story, 78,000-SF Sinclair Building was built in 1917 and is owned Berkeley, Calif., resident CJ Morony. The Snyder family has owned the Vandever Building, built in 1920, since January 2006.
The Snyder family also owns the downtown McFarlin Building and the Mayo Hotel.

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