Downtown Developer Plans Italian Restaurant

Micha Alexander better take a vacation now because he is about to be a busy man.
Alexander, a downtown developer and owner of the 818 Martini Lounge and Virginia Lofts, plans to open a new Italian restaurant on Third Street.
He then plans to build homes for his customers. %9
The restaurant “will serve wood-fired pizza and panini for lunch,” said Alexander. It will be housed in a building east of the 818 Lounge that is under going renovations.
The restaurant, which will be called “Nolo,” could open as soon as January.
Alexander also plans to develop the block between Lansing and Kenosha Avenues and Second and Third Streets by building 20,000 SF of residential space in the form of luxury lofts and 10,000 SF of retail space.
The residential development will be erected on vacant lots on the corner of Kenosha Avenue and Second Street.

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