Downtown Gets New Coffee Bar

Topeca Coffee, the long-awaited coffee bar boasting seed-to-cup operations owned by John Gaberino III, is officially open for business.
While coffee from Topeca has been available at coffee shops and restaurants all over Tulsa for the past year and a half, Topeca now offers its coffee, cappuccino, and lattes at 115 W. Fifth St., Ste. 169, all made from beans grown by Gaberino’s family in El Salvador and roasted at the bar within the last 10 days.
The coffee bar also offers Italian sodas, smoothies and baked goods. For lunch, Topeca offers fresh-made crepes and paninis and dining space in which to enjoy them. Topeca is open weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
“We’ve been working on opening up for a long time,” Gaberino said. “We just got all the permissions from the city.”
In 2003, Gaberino’s wife’s family converted Topeca Coffee to its seed-to-cup operation, meaning the company controls its product during the entire production cycle, from the growth in its native El Salvador to the roasting, grinding and packaging in Tulsa.
After the coffee venture began shipping to the U.S. in 2003, Topeca needed a place that could serve as a roasting house and, in the future, a coffee bar.
“We were looking for places to open up, and I was looking at warehouses, but I always thought that if I could ever find a downtown place that was reasonable in price that would allow me to utilize the same assets for both production as well as a coffee bar, it would be a better alternative to come downtown,” Gaberino said.
Making good on an offer from downtown real estate developer John Snyder, Gaberino opened his roasting house in the 2,000-SF ground-floor space in the southeast corner of the Mayo Building, a Tulsa landmark, in early 2006. Gaberino was filling 25,000-pound orders by July.
The coffee bar portion of Topeca opened Dec. 21.

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