Downtown Tulsa (Finally) Gets Cop Shop

The Tulsa Police Department outpost rumored last year to soon be setting up shop downtown at Fifth and Main St. has finally arrived.
Large signage was part of the tip-off that the TPD has finally occupied the storefront on the southeast corner of the Fifth and Main intersection at 507 S. Main St.
Downtown Tulsa Unlimited holds the lease to the space. The TPD is subleasing the property from DTU for $1 per year.
The project was put on hold until the Tulsa City Council vote on the City Hall move to One Technology Center, said Jason Willingham, Tulsa Police Department spokesperson.
The facility will be dedicated Oct. 30 at 4 p.m. Crews are working to remodel the space according to the needs of the TPD.
The outpost will be staffed part-time for now. Jennifer Mansell, downtown safety liaison at TPD, will man the office weekdays during office hours.
“This is the infancy stage of this program,” Willingham said. “We hope to grow from here. This is basically just getting our foot in the door.”
No projections on how many officers will be needed to staff the facility are yet available.
“We’re in the middle of trying to get a manpower study done by an independent company. We’re holding off on everything until we do that, because honestly, we don’t have the manpower right now,” Willingham said.
The storefront, which measures about 700 SF, is large enough to house a few officers, desks and bicycles.
“We don’t need that much space to let people know where we’re located, and they can come in and talk to us or tell us about a problem,” he said.

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