Dresser Buys Tulsa-based Blackhawk Industries

Dresser Piping Specialties, headquartered in Bradford, Pa. and part of Dresser, Inc.’s Natural Gas Solutions group, has acquired substantially all of the assets of Tulsa-based Blackhawk Industries, Inc.
Blackhawk manufactures hot tapping and plugging fittings for the natural gas, oil and chemical industries. These products enable pipeline operators to repair sections of pipe or replace a faulty valve without interrupting service.
John Clabo, who founded Blackhawk in 1992, was named Dresser’s general manager for Blackhawk products. Dresser expects to continue to manufacture products in Tulsa, and Ben Shelton, Blackhawk’s business team manager, will oversee the Tulsa-based operations.
Dresser did not disclose details of the transaction.

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