Drillers Announce Front Office Changes

The Tulsa Drillers announced several changes to the franchise’s front office staff today.

Mark Hilliard was named the new Director of Ticket Sales, while Peter McAdams was named Director of Operations. Josh Lovetere was named the Group Ticket Sales Manager and Tom Jones was named Promotions and Merchandise Manager.

Both Hilliard and McAdams have been members of the team’s front office, but they will now be in new positions. Hilliard has previously served as the Director of Group Ticket Sales and Operations. As the Director of Ticket Sales, he will oversee all areas of the ticket operation.

McAdams has been the Operations Manager, but he will now handle all issues pertaining to Drillers Stadium as the Director of Operations. ?

Lovetere was promoted from Sales Associate to his position in Group Ticket Sales. Jones is joining the full-time staff with his position in promotions and merchandise. ?

“Mark, Peter and Josh have all done a good job for us and are ready for new and additional challenges,” said Drillers General Manager Mike Melega. “Tom has worked for us for nine years in a part-time role, and we are pleased to be able to have him join our team!”

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