Economic Development Commission Backs Shuttle

The Tulsa Economic Development Commission unanimously passes a resolution to support the Tulsa Air and Space Museum in its effort to “Land the Shuttle” for Tulsa.
Also this week, the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce visited Oklahoma’s Congressional Delegation in Washington D.C. Part of their mission was to again encourage Oklahoma’s representatives to keep the Space Shuttle acquisition effort a priority.
These steps indicate that the economic development community appreciates the tremendous impact that a retired Space Shuttle could have on Tulsa’s economy, said Jim Bridenstine, TASM executive director.
Bridenstine briefed the Economic Development Commission and was impressed with the commission’s desire to help the museum’s effort.
“In order to convince NASA that Tulsa should be the home of a retired Space Shuttle, we need to marshal all of Tulsa’s influence and resources,” he said. “This is another example of the growing support in the community for this project, and I am ecstatic that others are catching the vision.”
The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is one of 20 museums being considered by NASA to receive one of the three Space Shuttles set to retire in 2010. TASM is laying the groundwork to best position itself for delivery of one of the Space Shuttles. Oklahoma Astronaut John Herrington is chairing the “Land the Shuttle” campaign on behalf of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

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