Economic development to be hallmark of new city administration

The “Red Carpet” treatment for employers and employees was promised by Tulsa Mayor Dewey F. Bartlett, Jr. as he was inaugurated as the 39th person to be the city’s mayor.
Bartlett, the city’s new auditor — Preston L. Doerflinger — and nine councilors were inaugurated along with “The Tulsa Ballroom,” part of the expanded Tulsa Convention Center, which saw its first use for ceremonies.
Economic development was stressed by Bartlett after he was sworn in by U.S. Judge Gregory K. Frizzell of the Northern District of Oklahoma.
It is a “new beginning” for himself and the convention center, Bartlett said. About 200 chairs had been set in the ballroom and all were filled with perhaps as many 100 people standing during the ceremonies. The audience was sprinkled with county and state officials.
Recalling his campaign promises, Bartlett — whose career has been as an oilman — restated “my views, my goals.”
Leading the list, was “to make Tulsa the new energy capital by employing new alternative energy technology.”
There are “exciting economic opportunities — economic opportunities for the citizens of Tulsa,” Bartlett said. “I am dead serious about being the job ‘gettingist’ mayor that the city has ever seen.”
As mayor, Bartlett said the city “will promote, not impede; we will direct, not deter; we will lead our economy.”
He promised cooperative efforts with between Tulsa, the county and other cities and educational institutions.
“We will efficiently manage this city and its assets,” said Bartlett, who has established a new management process for the city with four people and a chief of staff reporting to him rather than the heads of more than 15 city departments.
“I assure you the toilets will flush and the trash will be picked up,” he said.
Bartlett praised his predecessor, Kathy Taylor, especially for the “simply superb” way she directed the transition and thanked her for her generosity of time, money and love of the community.
With a hug he presented Taylor with a large framed political cartoon featuring her.
Taylor sat next to former Mayor Robert LaFortune during the ceremony. Former Mayor Bill LaFortune was among those standing.
Councilors sworn in by Tulsa Municipal Court Judge Gerald L. Hofmeister were:
Jack B. Henderson, District 1; Rick D. Westcott, District 2; Roscoe H. Turner, District 2; Maria Veliz Barnes, District 4; Christopher E. Trail, District 5; James S. Mautino, District 6; John Mark Eagleton, District 7; William L. Christiansen, District 8, and G.T. Bynum, District 9.

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