Empire Petroleum Sells Wyoming Properties

Empire Petroleum Corp. sells oil wells and leasehold interest in its Cheyenne River Prospect in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming for $170,000 in net proceeds.
In Nevada, preparations are underway to drill a second test well in the company’s Gabbs Valley Prospect, which will be located approximately three fourths of a mile from our first test well.
A new Federal drilling unit application has been filed with the Bureau of Land Management in Reno, Nev., which we expect will be approved in early fall. It is anticipated that the new test well will be drilled to 6,000 feet or to a depth sufficient to penetrate 500’ into the Triassic formation, which the company feels is the source for the oil shows encountered in the first well.
This location appears to be validated by W. L. Gore Co.’s geochemical imaging survey carried out this past December. The company has a 57 percent working interest in the new test well and 85,145 acres of federal oil and gas leases held in the prospect area. Management feels the company has developed a world class prospect with large reserve potential and is currently exploring various options to finance its portion of the cost to drill the second test well.
The company anticipates the well will be spudded in late September.
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