EnXnet Prepares for U.S., European Tour

EnXnet Inc. plans an extensive worldwide awareness campaign with the first live presentations to begin this spring.
The tour will take the company to Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland; Frankfurt, Germany; and Brussels, Belgium.
“Our decision to recommence a worldwide tour at this time is based on our belief that the company has finally put behind all potential roadblocks to its business success,” said Ryan Corley, CEO of EnXnet Inc.” We are now looking to aggressively introduce the Multimedia Gift Card? to the market place.”
Company representatives will then travel on to many other cities in Europe including, but not limited to: Paris, Amsterdam and Stockholm to meet a diversified and comprehensive group of professionals. The tour will continue into 2010 and serve the purpose of continuing to introduce EXNT to the Investment Community in the United States, Europe and Dubai, as well as to potentially expand on the business relationships already forged.

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