EnXnet is Granted Full Patent Protection For EnXcase

EnXnet, Inc., has announced that it has been granted full patent protection for the EnXcase, a self-contained theft prevention CD/DVD case holder. The original effective filing date was October 10, 2003.

The EnXcase was originally created for the OneDisc/DVDPlus hybrid optical disc to stand out in retail displays and reduce in-store theft. However, the EnXcase can also be used for all standard CDs and DVDs.

The unique case, shaped like a Wurlitzer jukebox, provides a completely different appearance from the standard CD and DVD packaging. The EnXcase design allows the disc to be readily visible at all times and the disc cannot be removed without the case being completely opened.

With the OneDisc/DVDPlus product ready to come to market, the EnXcase? adds to the company’s product line and can contribute to the overall cash flow.

“This Product only furthers the extensive portfolio of technologies and products that EXNT has developed and shows continued progress in the efforts of the company to transform itself from a development-stage company to a growth-stage company”, stated Ryan Corley, CEO of EnXnet, Inc.

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