Enclave to Bring Upscale Apartments to Brookside

Houston developer John L. Gilbert believes his company’s upscale Enclave at Brookside apartment complex will fill a much needed niche in the “eclectic” Brookside housing market.
Construction on the $30 million, 240-unit project is expected to begin in the next couple of months as soon as the two single-story apartment buildings on the six-acre site at 39th Street and Rockford Avenue are vacated and razed, said Gilbert, senior vice president of Bomasada Group, developer of the project.
The four-story, stone-and-stucco project will be similar to Bomasada’s upscale apartment complexes built in the Hillsboro Village of Nashville and in the Riverfront area of North Little Rock, he said.
“We have built in Charleston, S.C.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Nashville, Albuquerque, similar markets to this,” Gilbert said. “We targeted Tulsa a few years ago and have been watching the market. We decided the time was right. We were fortunate to find this urban site.”
“Brookside is a very eclectic neighborhood. It is very similar to the Hillsboro Village in Nashville,” he said.
The apartments will range 695-1,450 SF with rent $800-850 up to $2,000 per month, Gilbert said.
Facility amenities will include a clubhouse, billiard room, poker room, state-of-the-art fitness center, resort-style swimming pool, Internet café, open areas for residents and a parking garage with limited access. Unit amenities include nine-foot ceilings, rounded corners, granite countertops, black-on-black appliances and high-detail construction, Gilbert said.
“From our studies, our tenant profile is probably going to be young professionals, maybe kids getting out of school,” he said. “This is what we are seeing in our project in North Little Rock.”
But he said the project has the potential to draw from many demographic groups.
“With the price of gas going up, I think someone might pay a little more in rent as opposed to paying it at the gas pump so they can live closer in, in a high-quality project,” Gilbert said. “There is no doubt in our minds this will be the nicest property in Tulsa.”
He said the mid-rise urban design project will be similar in architecture to the 206-unit The Enclave at the Riverfront apartments in North Little Rock. The Arkansas project is four stories over a podium deck, with parking beneath.
“That is what we initially designed here, but after talking with some of the residents and the city, we decide to modify that to a four-story with a garage in the back that will not be seen from the street,” he said.
Gilbert said the Brookside project fits the “Bomasada niche of going into secondary and tertiary markets such as this, and taking a primary market experience and design and bringing it where it hasn’t been introduced into the market before.”
“You sometimes get lucky and find an old property or piece of land in a great part of town that we feel this property will fit into perfectly,” he said.
He said the Brookside business district and residential developments are perfect for an upscale urban project.
“It has all the elements that we are looking for in a multi-family development,” he said. “You have residential around you, commercial behind you, great access to major thoroughfares, you are ten minutes from downtown and a ten-minute walk to the river.
Realtors want “anything in this price range or this lifestyle that will attract younger people to come back to the neighborhood,” he said. “A lot of them want that – it’s revitalized so it just doesn’t keep getting older and older.”
Gilbert said The Enclave at Brookside should have the clubhouse and first units available within 15 months of the start of construction, with the project completed within 21-23 months. Bomasada has its own unit that operates as general contractor, Bomasada Investment Group II, LLC, and Houston-based Clerkley Watkins Group is architect

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