Entrepreneur Authors Bioscience Guide Book

Oklahoma entrepreneur Craig Shimasaki has built three life science companies in a career that spans more than two decades.
Shimasaki has written a book designed to be used as a guide by other entrepreneurs struggling to build biotech companies.
The book is set for September publication. The book is designed to be used as a textbook for college courses. Shimasaki is co-founder and former CEO of Oklahoma City-based InterGenetics, which has developed a genetics-based test for breast cancer predisposition.
Entrepreneurs struggling to build a biotechnology startup into a successful business should have a healthy respect for what Shimasaki calls the “unknown unknowns.”
Those are the unexpected obstacles that can’t be game-planned because of the pioneering nature of a biotech startup, said Shimasaki, an Oklahoma City biotechnology consultant and serial entrepreneur with a 26-year history of building biotech businesses.
“You don’t know what you don’t know,” Shimasaki said. “You think, ‘OK, I’ve got some information, I’ll move forward and do this.’ Then later you will find out there are things you didn’t know that you didn’t even know. Those things can really kill you.”
Ah, the unknown unknowns.
Shimasaki has written a book entitled “The Business of Bioscience: What goes into making a Biotechnology Product” in which he prepares future biotech entrepreneurs for the unexpected challenges they will face. The Business of Bioscience (Springer, 300 pages, $130) will be released in September and is available for pre-order on Amazon.com.
Shimasaki began working on the book on nights and weekends two and a half years ago to catalogue his insightful career experiences while co-founder and chief executive officer of Oklahoma City-based InterGenetics. The book began to take shape as a guide to help entrepreneurs dealing with multiple challenges that face them when establishing and growing a biotech company.
By the end of the text, he hopes that entrepreneurs will have gained an understanding of the complete process of developing a biotech product, along with practical insight into what it takes to get that done.

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