Executive AirShare Announces Enhancements

Executive AirShare lifts shareowners’ annual flight-hour limits to offer owners exclusive access to their aircraft on a “per day” basis and eliminated “peak days” for traditional high-demand occasions such as major holidays.
With a broad customer base that covers both business and personal owners, Executive AirShare is able to incorporate these enhancements to simplify the program.
The Kansas City, Mo.-based company has instituted the enhancements to its regional fractional aircraft ownership program to attract business owners and executives seeking greatest return on their business aviation investment.
“The goal of our regional fractional program has always been to create an experience that most closely replicates the benefits of full ownership, with our owners flying the majority of the time in their own aircraft with pilots that they know personally,” said Robert D. Taylor, chairman and chief executive officer, Executive AirShare. “By transitioning exclusively to a ‘per day’ structure and eliminating ‘peak days,’ our shareowners will enjoy maximum flexibility without the cumbersome rules experienced by national fractional customers.”
“We are striving to make our fractional program more simple at a time when the national fractionals are making their programs more complex,” said Keith D. Plumb, president and chief operating officer. Plumb adds that Executive AirShare will not implement a card-based program to sell flight-hours, as the company believes that such a strategy dilutes service quality at the expense of full shareowners.
Unlike national ownership plans that fly multiple clients to different locations on the same day on the same aircraft, Executive AirShare’s fractional owners are provided with use of the aircraft for an entire day. By assigning an aircraft to only one owner per day, Executive AirShare is able to adapt to changes in owners’ schedules, offering complete flexibility and convenience.
By allowing companies and individuals to purchase partial ownership in an airplane, Executive AirShare offers the benefits of aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost. Each participant pays for an initial share in the aircraft, monthly management costs, and low-cost hourly operating rates. In return, owners are given a set number of days which they may use the aircraft annually, and Executive AirShare takes care of all the details including hangar rental, insurance, pilots’ salaries and training, fuel, engine and airframe maintenance, and cleaning and stocking of the aircraft.

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