Explorer Pipeline Operating

Despite some lingering power issues in the Port Arthur, Texas, area, Explorer Pipeline Co. is delivering product to Tulsa and Chicago, said Tom Jensen, director of operations.
“We have been up and running,”Jensen said. “We have to bypass a couple of stations in the north Houston area due to power issues, but we are operating all the way to Chicago.”
The 1,400-mile fuel artery, Explorer Pipeline supplies up to 630,000 barrels a day of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to the central U.S., including Tulsa. It was idled ahead of Hurricane Ike.

Rain water seeped into the lining of the 4,500 horsepower motors, shut down heaters used to eliminate moisture from the motors, he said.
“Rain got into the lining of motors and without power to the heaters, those big motors could not run,” he said.
The trouble now is finding available product, he said.
“But, we are finding more and more product,” he said.

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