Final Plans for Owasso Redevelopment Unveiled

The Owasso downtown redevelopment project is ready for final design and specifications before being put out for bids, according to Ana Stagg, city director of public works.
The funds come from Vision 2025, and some have been used to bury and relocate overhead utility lines off Main Street. Some $724,000 remains in the fund.
Council members voted to extend the completion date on the project from April to later this year.
The goals of the project are to improve Main Street’s appearance with new street lighting and signs, sidewalks and landscaping, and to encourage private development from 76th Street North to Third Street, just north of city hall.
Parking is crucial to the project, Stagg told the Owasso Reporter, and plans are to allow parking along Main Street. Plans are for the street to be narrowed to three lanes to allow room for landscaping, sculptures and green space along the sides.
The project will be completed in two phases, the first along Main Street and the second would be the Main-76th Street intersection, with possible extra funding coming from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

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