First Bank of Owasso Starts Five-Story Headquarters Building

When First Bank of Owasso opens it’s five-story glass, brick and stone headquarters building in 2010, it will not only make an unprecedented impression on the Owasso skyline, but it also will make a statement about the bank’s commitment to the community.
First Bank of Owasso starts construction this month on the 62,000-SF building at 8601 N. Garnett Road.
“It will be the first five-story building in the Owasso area,” said Dominic “Dee” Sokolosky, president of the bank, which is Owasso’s original financial institution and which has grown to nearly $200 million in assets since it opened in 1962.
The new building represents a string of other firsts for First Bank of Owasso.
“We had the first two-story office building in town back in 1982,” Sokolosky said. “I am not positive, but I think we may have had the first water fountain in a business. It is a continuation of us wanting to be a leader in Owasso and wanting to build something that not only we will be proud of but the community will be proud of.”
Located adjacent to U.S. 169 in an area that has developed into the heart of the community, Sokolosky said, “When people come through town, we want them to see something nice that reflects well on the community.”
First Bank of Owasso will occupy the first three floors of the building, with the top two floors available for leasing to commercial clients.
The exterior of the building will feature a combination of brick and stone, and the facility will include a bank drive-thru area comprised of dedicated commercial and ATM lanes and three lanes for bank clients.
The unique architecture of the building will feature a two-story atrium drum entryway, and the drum feature will provide a walkout balcony area accessible from the fifth floor.
The first floor will provide bank tellers, client services, investment services, safe deposit boxes, mortgages and consumer lending. The second floor will house operations and information technologies, and the third floor will be dedicated to commercial lending.
Architectural and engineering services are provided by Crafton Tull Sparks, and Daniels & Daniels Construction provides construction management.
Site work began Nov. 1, with an estimated completion date of January 2010.
When completed, First Bank of Owasso will move its headquarters from 102 W. Second Ave. (76th Street North and Main Street) to the new facility. Use of the former headquarters has not been determined.
The bank will keep its branches at 12814 E. 86th St. North and 11550 N. Garnett Road open.
The bank employs more than 70 at its three locations and prides itself on a relationship-based service model for its personal depositors, small business owners and larger commercial clients. The bank is committed to encouraging the growth of faith-based organizations, working with churches and religious organizations in multiple states. ?

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