First DMI Wind Tower Sections Hit the Road

The first six wind tower sections left the Catoosa-based DMI Industries facility en route to a wind farm site in northern Texas this month.
It was the first time since the heavy steel wind tower manufacturer’s facility began production that the 175 employees and area residents have seen the 50-ton sections hit the roadways.
“It is an extraordinary sight to see a caravan hauling these 80-foot tower sections,” said Stefan Nilsson, president of DMI Industries, “and it’s an impressive way to mark this tremendous milestone.”
As the tower sections left the site, they marked a significant accomplishment for the DMI team that led the company’s expansion efforts in the state. The release of the sections successfully concluded a stringent certification process for the project site customer and opened the door for a continued relationship.
“This is also an important achievement for our wind energy partners who rely on our delivery commitment, as well as the communities of Tulsa and Catoosa who are experiencing the benefits of their generous efforts to support DMI in the region,” Nilsson said.
Responsible for both opening a new business and introducing a new industry, the DMI expansion into Oklahoma proved challenging at times.
“It has been an extensive facility transformation and a demanding project,” said Kevin Ishmael, general manager of the facility. “We have assembled a tremendous work force, bringing in folks from a number of different manufacturing capacities and training them to meet the tight demands of ours. We couldn’t be more proud of them and their accomplishments to date.”
Less than a year ago, DMI Industries, an Otter Tail company, acquired Griffen Wheel Facility to extend its geographic reach and meet the growing demand for wind towers in the southwestern states.

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