First Fidelity Launches ATM Fee Reimbursement Program

First Fidelity Bank has launched a program that offers its customers free ATM transactions worldwide.
The bank announced it has eliminated its ATM fees and will fully reimburse its customers any surcharge fees incurred when using ATM machines outside their network, anywhere in the world.
Unlike some banks that only reimburse fees for premium checking accounts, First Fidelity’s new program eliminates ATM fees for all checking account customers—regardless of balance or account type or whether the customer uses a machine from First Fidelity or another bank.
“This is an exciting new approach to how banks handle the hefty cost imposed on customers who use ATMs outside the bank’s machine network,” said Joey Snyder, First Fidelity Tulsa market president. “We pride ourselves on our ability to provide superior customer service and an array of banking options designed to ensure our clients’ financial freedom, and this new initiative is just another way for us to cut down on the expenses our customers pay.”
According to First Fidelity projections, this new program will save its customers more than $350,000 a year in ATM fees. According to a report from, consumers nationwide will spend more than $4.2 billion in ATM fees in 2007. Last fall, ATM surcharges hit a record high – an average of $1.64 per transaction, up from $1.60 in the spring of 2006.

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