First National Bank of Coweta Names Third Generation Banker Chairman

A Coweta banking tradition that spans more than 25 years and two generations is being extended at First National Bank of Coweta.
Gregory S. Graham has been named chairman of First National Bank of Coweta. He succeeds his father, Scott L. Graham, who became the bank’s chairman in 1981.
Gregory S. Graham was named to the board of directors in 1998 and served as a vice president at the Coweta bank from 2002 to 2006. He was responsible for lending, compliance, marketing and public relations.
Graham’s background includes 15 years working in a variety of roles with non-profit organizations and in healthcare. He holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma and Harvard University. Graham, 41, served as President of the Coweta Chamber of Commerce and was a co-founder of the Coweta Education Foundation. He has been involved in the community extensively and is the current Tulsa Area United Way chairman for Broken Arrow, Coweta and Wagoner. He also serves as a Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce director. ?

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