Flight Training Operation Opens in Bartlesville

Pathfinder Aeronautical Institute, an aircraft rental and flight training operation, has began accepting students at Bartlesville’s Municipal Airport according to the institutes owners, Savio and Rachel Barretto.

Savio is a graduate of Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has served as a Cessna instructor, accumulating 6,000 flight hours. He is currently an assistant Chief Pilot for NetJets, Inc., a jet ownership group.

Rachel Barretto has served as an instructor for OSU and as a commercial pilot fro Continental Express and Atlantic Coast Airlines and holds 2,300 flight hours.

Pathfinder Aeronautical Institute is designed to be a non-traditional flight school, allowing students to enroll any time. The institute is designed to allow students to progress at their own pace.

Currently, PAI rents two planes and are in the process of acquiring three others.

Pathfinder Aeronautical Institute is located at the Bartlesville Municipal Airport at 2005 Wiley Post Road. For more information about aircraft rental or flight training, call Savio or Rachel Barretto at 918-876-1278.

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