Flintco Earns National Honor

Flintco Inc. has been awarded the top two honors at the National Associated Builders and Contractors Excellence in Construction awards for two projects constructed by its Tulsa-based operation.
Flintco was honored with the first place Eagle award for its Koweta Indian Healthcare Facility, and the second place Pyramid award for its restoration of the old Tulsa Fire Alarm building.
The Koweta Indian Healthcare facility features 22 exam rooms, a dental clinic and rooms designated for physical therapy, X-ray and mammography.
The Tulsa Fire Alarm building, which was restored for the American Lung Association, had been left abandoned for over 20 years. The restoration required several improvements including a new roof, windows and doors. And, due to the historic nature of the building, all improvements had to comply with historical standards to ensure the correct look remained.
The Excellence in Construction awards are unique in that they are not design awards, but take into account difficult situations in construction that were overcome with innovative solutions as well as safety as previously mentioned. Both projects had zero accidents including all subcontractors.

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