Food Pyramid Brings Line of Flowers to Tulsa Market

Food Pyramid announces the arrival of Lilly’s Floral.
This first-to-the-area floral provider specializes in a diverse line of international flowers not available before in Oklahoma.
Exclusively cultivated by the world’s best breeders, Lilly’s flowers are grown in the mountains of South America between 6,000 and 7,000 feet above sea level—the ideal altitude for healthier, more vibrant flowers. The result is larger blooms that open slower, richer petal colors, taller stems, and longer vase life—up to a week longer than other bouquets.
Lilly’s flowers can be purchased already coordinated into one of three vase-ready bouquets—the Positano, a 24-stem assortment for $19.99; the Capri, a 17-stem assortment for $14.99; or the Portofino, a 12-stem assortment for $9.99.
For those who prefer a more custom look, Lilly’s also offers “Design Your Own” bouquets. Customers can choose from more than 30 kinds of flowers to create endless combinations of original arrangements and centerpieces. Lilly’s “Design Your Own” bouquets are available three for $15.
Another special offering at Lilly’s is the “Flower of the Week.” Every week, Lilly’s customers can purchase ten stems of the featured flower for the exclusive price of just $8.99.
Lilly’s flowers are sourced from growers dedicated to sustainability. In fact, Lilly’s primary supplier, Esmeralda Farms, has been accepted by five green certifications for their leadership and commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
The employee-owned company operates 45 grocery stores in Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas under the banners of Food Pyramid, Price Cutter, Ramey, Smitty’s and Sav-a-lot. Food Pyramid sells quality food at affordable prices, including butcher-cut USDA Choice meats, fresh produce, full-service deli products, bakery and sushi.

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