Ford Fusion: The Absolute Best Hybrid

The recent test of the Ford Fusion was the most pleasant surprise we’ve had in years.
At first glance, it was obvious this car was an extraordinary example of body fabrication, fit and finish. The Fusion in our test would stand quality comparisons with Audi, Mercedes, Acura, BMW, Lexus or Volvo.
Luckily for those interested in driving a car as mileage-miserly as a hybrid (we achieved 45 mpg on one suburban trip and 36 on a high-speed turnpike run), the first glance was only the beginning.
The biggest snag for many hybrids is the restart of the gas engine after it has been shut off for a stop light or heavy traffic. In other hybrids we have tested, the car shuddered when the engine was automatically cranked. This unpleasant sensation is reduced to insignificance by the Fusion.
Another welcome consideration Ford provides is allowing the driver to dictate how much information is displayed on the instrument panel regarding the intricate interfacing between the dual power modes.
If you want it, it’s there. But if you wish to be spared the esoteric info, it can be dialed out at the driver’s discretion.
Regular readers of our test reports over the past twenty years know how heavily we stress driving a car as the best and only way to adequately evaluate its merits. This is where the Fusion far outshines all other hybrids. Fusion’s well balanced suspension, steering and stable stance in handling is in a class by itself.
As a machine built to be driven, the Ford Fusion stands alone, drivewise.

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