Former District Judge Harris Ordered Bound Over

Tulsa District Judge Jesse Harris was ordered bound over for trial on a felony charge of indecent exposure by Osage County District Judge John Kane, who dismissed another count of the same offense.
Defense attorneys had argued that the first accusation against Harris — a long-time Tulsa County judge handling criminal cases — was a single event even if it was alleged that it was before two women, Kalisha Nolen, 32, and Brandi Smolen-Wilson, 38.
Kane was appointed by the chief judge of the Oklahoma Supreme Court to serve as a magistrate in the case at the request of Tulsa judges, who believe it would be conflict to preside over the case.
An arraignment was set for March 3 to be held by a new judge appointed by the chief justice.
Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris also said it would be conflict of interest for him and Attorney General Drew Edmondson, appointed Rick Esser, the district attorney in Washington County, to serve as special prosecutor.
Esser is to formally amend the charges against Harris by Feb. 10.
Harris, 53, had a previous relationship with Nolen. He went to meet her at an east Tulsa hotel where she was staying with Smolen-Wilson.

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